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Take the worry out of life with insurance protection

We identify the needs of our prospects and get an underwriter who can match the client’s needs. We get several quotes, analyze, tabulate and offer a professional recommendation based on sound fundamentals.


Medical Insurance

Your health is the most valuable asset and you need fast, efficient and professional care at the hour of need.

Motor Insurance

Covers accidental loss or damage to insured motor vehicles and/or death, bodily injury or loss or damage to property

Domestic Insurance

All risks- covers your valuable items (normally carried or worn anywhere) against damage, loss or destruction.

Liability Insurance

Legal liability is a legal obligation to compensate others who are injured or suffer loss or damage to their property resulting from an individual’s actions or omissions.

Electronic Equipment

This policy covers loss or damage to electronic equipment due to fire, theft, electrical or accidental physical damage or any other

Personal & Group Life

Group life policies are arranged by employers for their employees.